• Want to manage your stress effectively?

    Improve your focus?

    Sleep better?

    Increase your energy levels?

    Improve your resiliency and immune system?


    Mindfulness meditation can help.


    Join Lara in this 4-week series geared towards absolute beginners (but suitable for all levels!).

    Learn how to practice mindfulness so that your life flows more smoothly.

    Join a beginner's community so that you're in it together for the next month.
    Each week will introduce simple techniques you can incorporate into your life to feel more
    inspired and at peace with your life, just the way it is right now.

    You’ll receive guidance, support and motivation as you navigate
    your first month of meditating, ensuring that you finish the course feeling confident in your ability
    to maintain your own practice.

  • Outline

    Week 1: Mindful or Mind Full? - Meditation 101

    Learn the basics of meditation (what? why? when? where? how?) and its effects on your mind, body and energy. Practice and grow your focus, ability to relax, patience, breath and body awareness, acceptance, kindness and presence.

    Week 2: It’s Not What You Think - Dealing with Thoughts

    Understand the source of your mental chatter so that you can begin to change your relationship with it. Create space in your mind, day and life for creativity, intuition and stillness to arise. Practice and grow your awareness, self-love, concentration, kindness and intuition.

    Week 3: All the Feels - Skillfully Managing Emotions

    Become aware of your emotions without letting them toss you around. Create useful mental habits inviting more confidence and optimism into your life. Practice and grow your self-awareness, self-control, empathy, compassion, kindness and gratitude.

    Week 4: It’s All About ME - Using Your Meditation Practice to Improve Your Life

    Choose the best way for you to incorporate meditation into your life and learn various techniques that will ensure that all of your intentions become reality. Practice and grow your motivation, commitment, focus, ability to set goals and visualize, kindness and happiness.

  • Testimonials

    I thoroughly enjoyed Lara’s four week Introduction to Mindfulness Series. She is a wonderful, thoughtful and encouraging instructor. The 30 Day Meditation Challenge emails Lara sent to us each morning were so helpful in establishing a daily habit. I would highly recommend this workshop!


    - Lynda Paterson

    Lara provided an insightful and knowledgeable introduction to establishing a mindfulness meditation practice. Very grateful for her practical tips and crucial ideas that I have now incorporated into my everyday life!


    - Rose van Rotterdam

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