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    Breathing Technique for Internal Balance

    We can use our breath to control what mode of our nervous system is active at any time - the sympathetic (active, stress mode) or parasympathetic (rest and restore mode). By practicing structured breathing, you can activate your relaxation mode and bring balance into your entire mental, emotional and physical system.

    Sink Deep Into Stillness

    This guided mindfulness meditation will lead you into deep relaxation and inner peace, where you can access that wise, intuitive part of yourself that is accessible when we become really quiet.

    The Crucial Practice of Mindfulness for Sanity

    You can practice mindfulness while you do anything at all throughout your day. It's the only way to keep anxiety and stress at bay. Practice here.

    Body Awareness Meditation and Neck Stretch

    Your body is the most direct way to access the present moment, and is the best tool we have to manage our health in all spheres (physical, mental, emotional). Learn how to tune into your body regularly to pay attention to its signals and to train your brain to focus and pay attention to subtlety. This is also a radical act of self-compassion and self-care, which we all need more of :)

    Shifting our Perspective into Gratitude

    Gratitude is an appreciation for what we have in the present moment. Practicing feeling gratitude can calm the body, allay fears of scarcity and insecurity about the future, and turn our focus towards the abundance that always is present in our lives - if we just pay attention to it.

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