• Everyone wants to go on Retreat!

    Going on a retreat is an incredibly powerful way to deepen your meditation and/or yoga practice. They provide the optimal setting and influence of teachers to allow you to sink into deeper levels of silence and understanding of yourself than is often possible in the hustle of normal life.


    Here are some meditation and/or yoga retreats of other teachers around the world we've put together to help you find one that fits what you're looking for.

  • Local

    Upcomin​g Retreats in Ontario

    1-day Insight Meditation Retreat

    December 15, 2018, 9am-4pm in Toronto

    Hosted by Jim Bedard and Randy Baker, Insight Meditation (Vipassana) is the penetrative, direct inquiry into the nature of all mental and material phenomena. When accompanied by morality, concentration and commitment, vipassana practice helps us gain insight into the patterning of the mind and the world the mind projects. The insight/wisdom that this practice fosters can lead to final liberation.


    More info HERE

    Harmony Dawn Retreat Centre

    Yoga, Tai Chi and Cooking retreats year-round

    Harmony Dawn provides tranquil, nurturing, harmonious retreats in a gorgeous off-the-grid retreat centre north of Coburg with highly acclaimed cuisine (trust me, the food is incredible!). They conduct in-house workshops and retreats on meditation, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong and Yin-Yang cuisine through which they help guests establish or consolidate their own mind-body health practice, as well as host other teachers for meditation, yoga and cooking retreats throughout the year.


    [Lara's note: I have been to a retreat with Andy & Nicola James here and it is dreamy! I will be returning in 2019 and highly recommend]


    Check out programs scheduled HERE 

  • International

    Upcoming Retreats Worldwide

    Yoga and Meditation in Bocas Del Toro, Panama

    March 2-9 or 9-16, 2019, hosted by Joshua Lewis and Adrianne Walker

    We have dreamt up a very special and exclusive retreat that will take you far, far away from the cold Canadian winter to an archipelago of islands bathed by the soft, healing rays of the Caribbean sunshine. And we feel that there is no better place than the hidden paradise of Bocas Del Toro, located off the Northern Coast of Panama, to unwind, soothe and recalibrate. When the edges of life are feeling just a bit too much, a week of softening into the beauty of nature; into the sacred space of communal practice; and into the simplicity of present-moment awareness; can be just the life-affirming reminder we’ve been looking for...and often, the realignment that our bodies, minds, hearts and souls have been craving.


    More details HERE

    Dare to Follow Your Dreams! San Pacho, Mexico

    March 9-16, 2019, hosted by Simone Nitzan and Vicky Tomsky

    Life is full of endless possibility and relentless challenge. Connecting to our highest truth and fullest expression of ourselves requires time to slow down, get quiet and listen. We need to listen more closely to our hearts and spend less time in our heads. When we find this quiet the strength and determination to follow our dreams becomes natural and obvious. Our paths open up and our lives become richer. This retreat will guide you into stillness of body and mind, give you the space to relax and recharge so you can deepen your connection to your Self, your community and ultimately follow your dreams.


    More details HERE

    Yoga and Ayuverda 200hr Teacher Training, Bali

    March 9-30, 2019, hosted by Nicole Mahabir

    Imagine 22-days in the "Islands of the Gods" as you are guided into self-retreat, self-mastery and self-rejuvenation through the practice of Yoga & Ayurveda. Awaken your senses to the peace and serenity of pristine sandy beaches, lush jungle and warm ocean of beautiful Canggu, Bali. Return to the elements as you immerse yourself in one of the most revitalizing timeless experiences as you master the art of teaching.


    More details HERE

    Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Nassau Bahamas

    Always open, see website below for specific program dates

    For nearly 50 years the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat has been a leading destination for people seeking a spiritual environment to study and practice yoga and develop a healthy lifestyle. Located on one of the finest beaches in the world, it is truly an island paradise and a sanctuary of peace and natural beauty. The ashram is open year-round for visitors with daily meditation, chanting, yoga and delicious meals. See the website below to see specific themed programs and the incredible visiting speakers who frequent this oasis.


    [Lara's note: I come here every year and it's one of my favourite places on earth to connect to myself, deepen my meditation practice, meet incredible people and feel good. I've taken the Ayuverdic Cooking Course as well as Stress-Relief courses and have attended as a Yoga Vacationer and recommend all of them. I have also visited the Sivananda Ashrams at their locations in Kerala, India and Grass Valley, California, both of which I highly recommend as well!]



    More details HERE

    Gracious Living Oasis, Nicaragua

    Always open, see website below for specific program dates

    GLO is a private, boutique, "self-care centre" focused on body, mind, spirit education for your best life. Located in tranquil Asseredores, Northern Nicaragua, our unique, creative, & health conscious retreats (private or group) are designed for stress reduction, health rejuvenation, & life recalibration with a customized educational component.


    Check out specific program dates HERE

    Peak Training Whistler, Bali

    March 2019



    A week of self-care through fitness, bodywork and adventure on the beautiful beaches of Canggu, Bali (where there is tons of meditation nearby to add to your day!)


    More details HERE

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