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    Zabutons are an ideal addition to any living space to encourage daily meditation.

    Zabutons work in perfect harmony with our meditation cushions. It protects your feet and ankles while the sit cushion protects your knees, hips and back. You'll appreciate the extra length and width to spread out as much as you wish. Sit tall and steady with ease while you quiet your mind.

    Zabutons are filled with 100% cotton and you can machine wash & dry the covers. All Zabutons are made with recycled & reused fabric.

    32" long x 28" wide x 2" deep
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    Reminder Magnet
    Sometimes you just need a small reminder to breathe. We've got you.
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    Listen Lightly Tote Bag
    The perfect size for a meditation cushion or a few books, a tumbler of tea and a blanket for ultimate chill on the go.
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    Meditation Cushion
    Supportive, soft and covered in unique, sturdy fabrics our Sit Pillows make your meditation practice and your home more beautiful. Just enough lift to help you release your hips and back to meditate with ease and avoid discomfort in the knees. So wiggle your sit bones in for long meditations or tea with friends.

    · 16" wide x 10" back x 4" deep
    · sealed inner pillow is firmly filled with Canadian buckwheat hulls
    · adjustable support for optimal sitting position
    · convenient handle for easy carrying
    · machine wash & dry cover
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    Large Meditation Cushion
    Grande Meditation Cushions
    The same high quality & design of our Standard Meditation Cushions firmly filled with Canadian Buckwheat Hulls, only larger! Perfect for folks with tighter hips, knee issues or low back problems. If you need a little extra lift for meditation or floor sitting - this is the cushion for you!

    19" wide x 12" long x 6.5" deep
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