• Video Tutorials with Guided Meditations

    for Beginners

    Soften your anxieties and increase your positive emotions in times of Uncertainty

    15-minute guided meditation focused on body awareness and mindfulness of emotions.

    The Physical Stress Relieving Benefits of Meditation and a Guided Breathing Exercise

    Learn how meditation counteracts the physical effects of stress and then practice a breathing exercise to practice putting your mind and body into its relaxation mode.

    Intro to Mindfulness Meditation for Focus and Stress Relief

    Learn the basics of mindfulness meditation and be guided through a 12-min stress-relieving body scan meditation.

    Dealing with Thoughts and a Guided Mantra Meditation

    Learn how to deal with thoughts that arise during your meditation and then be guided through a simple mantra meditation to relax your body and improve your focus.

    Sticking to a Consistent Meditation Practice and

    Guided Meditation to Boost Self-Esteem

    Learn how to stick to a consistent meditation practice and be guided through a self-esteem boosting mantra meditation.

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