• Video Tutorials with Guided Meditations

    for Beginners

    Intro to Mindfulness Meditation for Focus and Stress Relief

    Learn the basics of mindfulness meditation and be guided through a 12-min stress-relieving body scan meditation.

    Dealing with Thoughts and a Guided Mantra Meditation

    Learn how to deal with thoughts that arise during your meditation and then be guided through a simple mantra meditation to relax your body and improve your focus.

    The Physical Stress Relieving Benefits of Meditation and a Guided Breathing Exercise

    Learn how meditation counteracts the physical effects of stress and then practice a breathing exercise to practice putting your mind and body into its relaxation mode.

    Sticking to a Consistent Meditation Practice and

    Guided Meditation to Boost Self-Esteem

    Learn how to stick to a consistent meditation practice and be guided through a self-esteem boosting mantra meditation.

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