• It's time you started meditating

    Learning how to meditate changed my life. As an anxious, stressed-out, always-in-a-rush lawyer, meditating brought me a sense of inner peace, much more patience, the ability to accept what cannot be changed, and a sounder sleep every night. Watching these changes take place within myself, I decided I had to share this incredibly powerful practice with others.


    My teachings are based on mindfulness techniques, or learning how to be more present, which has been proven to dampen our body's stress response and improve the functioning of our brain. The variety of tools I teach provide the chance for every one to find a technique that fits their lifestyle and personality.


    Meditating is simple, yet not easy. If you can develop a regular practice, the benefits are endless. Let me help you with this.

  • Corporate Meditation

    Listen Lightly offers a variety of workshops and customized meditation programs for any size office to help improve focus, reduce stress and improve the overall wellness of your workplace.


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