• Introductory 4-week Mindfulness Course

    Upcoming Course Dates: June 1, 8, 15, 22 at 12-1:15pm EST


    Learn and practice all the skills you need to live mindfully;
    to manage your emotions and thought patterns;
    to relax your nervous system and release stress;
    and to visualize your future.

  • Every single person can benefit from meditating.

    I make it simple and non-intimidating.


    Reduce Stress

    and Anxiety


    Improve Focus

    and Performance


    Be Present and

    Enjoy Life!


  • Are You Overwhelmed? Anxious?



    Life is stressful, particularly lately, and stress can take a toll. Maybe you've experienced some of these symptoms:


    ● An anxious feeling in your chest.

    ● You don't sleep through the night.

    ● You snap at your family or overreact.

    ● Your emotions feel out of control.

    ● You can't seem to slow down and enjoy.

    ● Life is overwhelming.


    In all of the rushing around, we’re losing the ability to stop, listen to ourselves, and enjoy the moment.

    Life is too short to live like this.


    I can help you!

  • It's Time to Start Meditating


    Mindfulness meditation is a research-proven way to improve brain function and mental health.

    By developing the ability to be present, you can enjoy the ups of life, and trust in your resiliency during the downs.

    Manage Stress

    and Anxiety

    Develop your mind-body connection so you can identify the way stress effects you personally, and then learn to manage your reaction to it, particularly through your emotions. Learn how to relax the body to relax the nervous system and mind.

    Improve Focus

    and Productivity

    Stop trying to multi-task; learn to do one thing at a time with focus and presence. Complete tasks faster and with less mistakes this way - so you don't have to redo them! Get your whole team on board to make projects flow smoother and more thoughtfully.



    Develop greater self-awareness and the ability to be present and truly listen. That will help you strengthen important relationships, with every single person in your life. It really is a wonderful shift when it happens, and suddenly annoyances shift into having compassion!

  • Meet Lara, Your Meditation Coach

    If you are like most busy professionals, you would love to find a way to be more "calm" than "storm."

    In order to do that, you need real-world techniques that you can implement into your busy life. The problem is, you can't figure out where to start on your own, you get frustrated and quit, or don't even start in the first place.


    Don't give up! I believe that everyone can benefit from implementing mindful meditation practices into their lives. I know because I've been there.


    As an anxious, stressed-out, always-in-a-rush lawyer, learning how to meditate changed my life.


    It brought me a sense of inner peace, much more patience, the ability to accept what cannot be changed, and sound sleep every night. Watching these changes take place within me, I decided I had to share this incredibly powerful practice with others.


    My teachings are based on mindfulness techniques – learning how to be more present – which have been proven to dampen our body's stress response and improve the functioning of our brain.


    Anyone can learn these practices and get the benefits from them. I teach many types of meditation techniques to provide the chance for every person to find one that fits their lifestyle and personality. I completely understand that you're only going to practice a technique regularly if you enjoy it and it works for you! So we work together until you've found that and then found your own rhythm.


    The tools I teach derive from the latest scientific understandings of how our brains and bodies function together. I have completed over 2000 hours of training in mindfulness meditation practices, and as a lifelong learner, I continue to study mindfulness, neuroscience, and psychology so I can improve my practice and help my students improve theirs.


    Meditating is simple, yet not easy, but if you can develop a regular practice, the benefits are endless.


    Let me help you with this.

  • Start Your Meditation Practice

    I offer a variety of training options to meet you where you are.

    Corporate Meditation


    Virtual, guided, group meditation for any size business to help improve the mental health, focus, and productivity of your employees. During these times of uncertainty, we need calm leaders and employees more than ever.

    Personal Coaching


    A supportive, personalized mindfulness program for clients who prefer individual instruction or would like one-on-one help to advance their practice. I make it easy, not-intimidating, and I have all the patience in the world. Start from any level, I'll go along the journey with you.

    Group Courses


    Virtual, guided weekly sessions starting with a 4-week Introductory Course (see "Real Life Changes" under Beginners Programs above) and continuing with intermediate weekly group sessions. Learn to meditate, improve your health, and become a part of our community.

  • It’s Easy to Get Started


    Schedule a Call or Send an Email

    Ask questions about mindful meditation and tell me more about what you are hoping to achieve.


    Select a Program

    I will help you determine the best program for your office or personal practice.


    Start Meditating

    Begin your practice and start seeing the benefits of mindful meditation.

  • Give it a Try!

    Download the Free 30-Day Challenge

    This beginner's 30-day online program is the easiest, least intimidating way to start meditating. Learn from home, starting with just one minute a day. By the end of the month, you will be familiar with a variety of meditation and breathing techniques and will have gained confidence, focus, and the ability to relax yourself on demand.

  • Here is How Meditation Has Helped Some of My Clients

    "Inspiring. Transformative. Relaxing. Lara is a truly gifted teacher and coach. She has a deep understanding of mindfulness and the many ways to integrate it into life in order to be happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. She is so much more than a meditation teacher. Her voice is so calming you'll never want to meditate without her. I highly recommend her online programs for those learning to meditate."


    - Jay Hamilton

    "Lara's Real Life Changes series was amazing. I've been struggling to make meditation a part of my daily life and this course helped me realize that there are different ways to practice, even when you are busy. I looked forward to Lara's support and guided meditations each week!"


    - Donna

    "Very much enjoy these sessions. There was one occasion when I felt overwhelmed by a swirling cloud of competing priorities and urgent to-do items. I took 15 minutes to attend a meditation and returned to my desk with a settled mind, able to calmly and dispassionately look at everything on my list and prioritize sensibly. It made a huge difference in my ability to do my job that day.


    - Corporate Client

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