Meditation Workshops

    To get started

    Introduce your employees to what meditation is, how it improves your health and upgrades your brain, and how to start a beginner's meditation practice.


    Interactive workshops teach participants the neuroscience behind how meditation improves your mental and physical health, and allows them to practice meditating in the presence of an experienced meditation teacher who will effectively convince even the most skeptical people how meditation can change their life.


    Participants leave understanding why meditation is vital to maintaining good mental health and performing optimally, and feeling confident in their ability to start their own practice with a couple meditations already under their belt.

    Mental Health Breaks

    To see lasting improvements

    Weekly guided meditations in your office encourage employees to meditate regularly, which is when the real benefits to mental and physical health appear.


    With guidance and motivation provided by an experienced meditation coach, each week new meditation and breathing techniques are introduced to ensure every participant finds the most effective technique for themselves.


    Weekly sessions encourage a culture of well-being and balance at your office, ensuring your employees feel valued while increasing their focus and productivity. As the well-being of your office improves, everyone becomes happier and business improves.

    It's a win win win situation.

    Emotional Intelligence Workshops

    Learn how to manage your emotions so they don't control you

    Learn why emotional intelligence competencies are twice as important in contributing to excellence as pure intellect and expertise, and how the same practices that build emotional intelligence also create the conditions for our own happiness.


    Through interactive exercises, participants learn how the source of our emotions are physical reactions and how we can use what we know about how our brains work to be more clear-headed and less reactive.


    Effectively managing emotions leads to increased self-awareness, less stress and depression, and improved communication with others - making your office a more enjoyable place to work for everyone.

  • Customized programs are available to fit your unique office environment.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    The maximum number people depends on the workshop or session, and of course the space available. Weekly sessions and shorter workshops (1hr) are effective with any number of people as long as everyone has a comfortable place to sit. More interactive workshops (1.5-3hr) are most effective with 15 people or less - however, all programs are customizable depending on your unique office environment so please reach out to find out how we can accommodate your circumstances.

    What kind of meditation is taught?

    The primary focus is on mindfulness meditation and encouraging people to practice mindfulness throughout their everyday lives. However a variety of meditation techniques are introduced in each program so that participants have various options to choose from and can practice whichever techniques are most suited to them. Techniques include breathings exercises, mantra repetition, self-esteem building meditations, visualizations and guided imagery.

    Where do the sessions take place?

    In your boardroom or any room at your office that can comfortably seat the number of people attending.

    Where do participants sit?

    Usually participants sit in chairs, however if you would like to supply cushions and the space allows for it, participants can sit on the floor. As long as everyone is comfortable. No yoga clothes or incense required.

    What is the benefit of offering more sessions?

    The more sessions that participants attend, the greater the chance that they will commit to a consistent meditation practice of their own. The major, long-term benefits of meditation are solidified once a consistent (ie. almost daily) practice is in place. In weekly sessions, we encourage practicing outside of the office and keep employees motivated and inspired. The meditation teacher is also available by email and phone to clients' employees to guide them as they experience the joys and obstacles that arise as they begin a regular meditation practice.

  • Testimonials

    “As a former practicing lawyer, Lara understands the demands of legal practice and brings her personal experience and unique perspective to the table. She tailors her programming to the particular audience, explains the process and benefits of meditation and frames her content in scientific research findings. Lara has a gentle and patient manner, and her soothing voice has a calming effect that is sure to relax anyone who participates in one of her guided meditations. After Lara’s introductory sessions with our staff and lawyers, the feedback was so positive that we asked Lara to return on a weekly basis.”


    – Lisa Cunningham, Lawyer and Director of Knowledge Management and Professional Development at Wildeboer Dellelce LLP


    “Lara is an outstanding teacher. Her calm, soothing teaching method resonates with all those participating in her sessions. Lara has a natural talent for relating to people by talking about her personal experiences and by giving examples of how the mind works participants can relate these to their own feelings and experiences.In addition, as a former lawyer, Lara can relate to the stresses experienced in high stress work environments.


    On a personal level, Lara re-introduced me to meditation in early 2016 (after some prior failed attempts on my own) and has been my personal meditation teacher since that time. As a relative novice (and somewhat skeptic) to the world of meditation, Lara has been instrumental in my learning’s. Prior to having Lara as my coach, I had participated in many guided meditations and meditation workshops and can attest that Lara’s teaching style surpasses what I have experienced from others and has turned me into a daily meditator. The results personally have been amazing.”


    – Rob Wortzman, Partner at Wildeboer Dellelce LLP


    “I am pleased to recommend Lara as a corporate meditation teacher. She recently presented an introduction to meditation workshop to our employees and led us in a guided meditation, and it was very well received.


    Both the staff and myself found the workshop to be informative and interesting. Lara’s workshop was engaging and everyone left with a deep understanding of the many valuable benefits of meditation for productivity and overall health. After her presentation, she led us through a very impressive guided meditation. She left such a positive impression on our staff that several of them have already signed up for her 30-day meditation program.


    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lara as a meditation teacher as her workshop was valuable and helpful for our organization. In addition to being an expert in her field, Lara is calm, friendly and a extremely easy to work with.”


    – Kristen Milad, P. Eng and Co-President at Improtech Ltd.


    "I work for a company that has brought Lara in to the office once a week for two 15 minute guided meditation sessions and I couldn't be happier with that decision.


    Not only are these a welcome sanity break in the middle of the week but they came at a time I was really struggling with some increased anxiety in my life and being introduced to guided meditations has made a world of difference for me. I was so happy when our company recently decided to continue with these sessions indefinitely!


    Just wanted to say a big thank you Lara for what you do."


    - Participant at Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan


    “Thanks for introducing us to so many easy and mindful ways to meditate. Your classes have really helped me incorporate meditation into my day-to-day activities more easily. I think the biggest misperception about meditation is that you need to make time for it and find a quiet room to do it in, etc. Lara’s sessions are really very eye opening in helping clear those misperceptions. For me personally, it has made all the difference.”


    – Akshata Kalyanpur, Senior Manager, Internal & Employee Communications at HOOPP


    “These office meditation sessions are great and so helpful for relieving stress and bringing gratitude and focus to our busy days.”


    – Participant at HOOPP


    “Very much enjoy these sessions. There was one occasion when I felt overwhelmed by a swirling cloud of competing priorities and urgent to-do items. I took 15 minutes to attend a meditation and returned to my desk with a settled mind, able to calmly and dispassionately look at everything on my list and prioritize sensibly. It made a huge difference to my ability to do my job that day.”


    – Participant at HOOPP


    “Thank you Lara for helping me at a time I really needed to find something the most! Forever grateful! Know that what you do matters and makes a difference in my life and I’m sure in others’ too.”


    – Participant at HOOPP


    “Thanks for bringing this learning and development opportunity into the workplace. I appreciate the value of learning to meditate, but must admit that I am still not very good at it – but know that I will get better with practice.”


    – Participant at HOOPP

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