• "In every workshop, I intersperse motivation and proof of the effectiveness of mindfulness with guiding a variety of meditation techniques that we practice together. So attendees not only leave feeling inspired to start being more mindful because of the relaxation and stress-relieving benefits they have already felt right away, but they are also more likely to hold onto at least one technique that they commit to practicing regularly that will consistently improve their health. Most of my techniques don't take any extra time out of your schedule. I make it really simple, encouraging and light-hearted, as I empower everyone with the ability to be more in control of their mental health."

    - Lara


    Research has shown that mindfulness meditation can literally change the brain and provides benefits for an array of conditions including depression, chronic pain, anxiety and sleep problems. And, contrary to popular belief, meditation doesn't require crossed legs, yoga pants, or incense. Your employees can get the benefits of meditation virtually from the comfort of their office (or home!). With the right practice, the right instructor, and some consistency, your team will see the results.

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    Manage Stress

    and Anxiety


    Employees will develop their mind-body connection so they can identify how stress effects them personally, and then learn to manage their reactions to it, particularly through their emotions. Learn how to relax the body to relax the nervous system and mind.

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    Improve Focus

    and Productivity


    Stop trying to multi-task; learn to do one thing at a time with focus and presence. Complete tasks faster and with less mistakes this way - so you don't have to redo them! Get your whole team on board to make projects flow smoother and more thoughtfully.

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    Develop greater self-awareness and the ability to be present and truly listen. That will help you strengthen important relationships, with every single person in your life. It really is a wonderful shift when it happens, and suddenly annoyances shift into having compassion!


    Meet Lara, Your Guide

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    "As an anxious, stressed-out, always-in-a-rush lawyer, learning how to meditate changed my life.

    It brought me a sense of inner peace, much more patience, the ability to accept what cannot be changed, and sound sleep every night. Watching these changes take place within me, I decided I had to share this incredibly powerful practice with others."



  • Select Clients

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  • Corporate Meditation Packages

    All sessions are customized to your organization's needs. Here are some of our most popular offerings.


    Contact Lara for introductory package deals.




    With a focus on providing a variety of practical tools and techniques useful in any situation, participants leave feeling well-equipped to start practicing mindfulness on their own, and convinced of why it's so important. Participants will also have a lot of fun! This workshop is entertaining and is popular for events and light-hearted intentions, such as offering a gift to a well-deserving team.


    This workshop introduces participants to how stress affects us physiologically and interferes with our mental processes, inhibiting peak performance; how meditation physically rewires our brain to be more focused and resilient; how to incorporate mindfulness into the work-day and come back to a place of balance in any situation; and how increased awareness of your emotional states makes it possible to navigate your day more effectively.



    Weekly Mental

    Health Breaks


    Weekly guided 30-minute meditations that will help you see real, lasting improvements in your team.


    Weekly guided meditations encourage employees to make meditation a habit, which is when the majority of benefits to mental and physical health appear. Each week a new meditation or breathing technique is introduced, allowing attendees to figure out a technique that works best for them so that they will actually practice it! The weekly structure helps attendees stick with the practice long enough to see real, life-changing results, and to ask any questions that arise throughout the first (and most difficult) few weeks of meditating.


    Weekly sessions encourage a culture of well-being within your team, making people feel valued while increasing their focus and productivity. As the well-being of your colleagues improves, everyone is happier and business improves.

    A Month of

    Mindfulness Training


    Integrate mindfulness into the fabric of your office culture with four weekly 50-minute webinars that include a learning component, interactive exercises, guided meditation practice, and a Q+A.


    These sessions go into various subjects including "Dealing with Thoughts and Rewiring the Brain" and Emotional Intelligence, among others. Participants leave with a scientific understanding of how the brain and nervous system function in relation to the body, and learn over 20 techniques on how to calm an agitated nervous system and shift into the body’s relaxation response. Emotional intelligence is highlighted, as it is a stronger indication of success than IQ! With more time to integrate the lessons and practice together weekly and in-between sessions (with optional meditation “homework” given), this month of training offers the most significant impact on the mental health of team members.

    Yoga Nidra (aka "Yogic Sleep")


    Introduce your team members to the most blissful, relaxing, EASY healing practice around!


    Yoga Nidra is a state of consciousness between awake and asleep, which has incredibly deep healing and relaxation benefits. It can be done lying down or seated in a chair, and all the participant is asked to do is to listen to Lara's voice and try to stay awake! The benefits of this practice are immense and it feels absolutely wonderful. Try it out for a one-time event, or treat your team members to a month of weekly blissful relaxation breaks.

  • How Meditation Has Helped Some of My Clients


    - Amanda Cosentino

    Communications Lead at WiseTrust


    “As a former practicing lawyer, Lara understands the demands of legal practice and brings her personal experience and unique perspective to the table. She tailors her programming to the particular audience, explains the process and benefits of meditation and frames her content in scientific research findings. Lara has a gentle and patient manner, and her soothing voice has a calming effect that is sure to relax anyone who participates in one of her guided meditations. After Lara’s introductory sessions with our staff and lawyers, the feedback was so positive that we asked Lara to return on a weekly basis.”


    - Lisa Cunningham

    Lawyer and Director of Knowledge Management and Professional Development, Wildeboer Dellelce LLP

    “Lara is an outstanding teacher. Her calm, soothing teaching method resonates with all those participating in her sessions. Lara has a natural talent for relating to people by talking about her personal experiences and by giving examples of how the mind works participants can relate these to their own feelings and experiences. In addition, as a former lawyer, Lara can relate to the stresses experienced in high-stress work environments.


    On a personal level, Lara re-introduced me to meditation in early 2016 (after some prior failed attempts on my own) and has been my personal meditation teacher since that time. As a relative novice (and somewhat skeptic) to the world of meditation, Lara has been instrumental in my learning. Prior to having Lara as my coach, I had participated in many guided meditations and meditation workshops and can attest that Lara’s teaching style surpasses what I have experienced from others and has turned me into a daily meditator. The results personally have been amazing.”


    - Rob Wortzman

    Partner, Wildeboer Dellelce LLP

    “Thanks for introducing us to so many easy and mindful ways to meditate. Your classes have really helped me incorporate meditation into my day-to-day activities more easily. I think the biggest misperception about meditation is that you need to make time for it and find a quiet room to do it in, etc. Lara’s sessions are really very eye-opening in helping clear those misperceptions. For me personally, it has made all the difference.”


    - Akshata Kalyanpur

    Senior Manager, Internal & Employee Communications, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

    "Lara is such an amazing partner in wellness and inclusivity. Her meditation sessions show our employees just how easy it is to take some time for self-care every day and that meditation doesn’t have to be strict or traditional. Her incorporation of how the mind and body work and the many benefits of a mindful practice were interesting and motivating to keep going past the classroom."


    - Christyl Abraham

    Manager of Talent Development at Holt Renfrew

    "Very much enjoy these sessions. There was one occasion when I felt overwhelmed by a swirling cloud of competing priorities and urgent to-do items. I took 15 minutes to attend a meditation and returned to my desk with a settled mind, able to calmly and dispassionately look at everything on my list and prioritize sensibly. It made a huge difference in my ability to do my job that day.


    - Anonymous

    Corporate attendee at Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

    "Lara's Real Life Changes series was amazing. I've been struggling to make meditation a part of my daily life and this course helped me realize that there are different ways to practice, even when you are busy. I looked forward to Lara's support and guided meditations each week!"


    - Donna Miyasaki

    Corporate attendee at Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan and Real Life Changes attendee

    "What I appreciated most about Lara’s guided meditation was her perspective – the fact that she comes from a corporate background means she understands the benefits and challenges of that lifestyle, and how meditation can be realistically incorporated. Her form of practice isn’t about dropping everything and joining an ashram, it’s about using meditation to enhance your regular life."


    - Brittany

    Corporate attendee at Holt Renfrew

    "Felt calm, refreshed and energized attending the class! I was a little hesitant attending a virtual meditation class at first, as was not sure if it would be similar to live class and if it would offer the same benefits, but Lara made it so easy for a beginner like me. I think she has a amazing way of conducting the class with just the right voice pitch and easy to follow instructions. Thank you so much!!"


    - Arti

    Corporate attendee at Holt Renfrew

    “Lara was insightful and considerate. Her words were gentle as she carried us through the practice. I am grateful for what I learned from her and her informative experiences regarding the importance of mindfulness.”


    - Isabella

    Corporate attendee at Holt Renfrew

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    Contact Lara for more details on how to inspire your team to feel a bit better every single day

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    Earn CPD Hours


    Some of these programs contain 30 minutes

    of accredited Professionalism content by the Law Society of Ontario.