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  • "“A single hour of yoga nidra is as restful as four hours of conventional sleep.”


    -Swami Satyananda Saraswati

    Yoga Nidra or "yogic sleep" is a form of meditation wherein you lie down in stillness, relax and listen to the instructor's voice without concentrating too hard (ie. lie down and do nothing!). The particular language and pace of the practice brings us into a space of consciousness on the borderline of awake and sleeping, where our subconscious is very receptive and the body's own healing mechanisms are triggered. Here, the subconscious awakens, releasing tensions and paving the way for inner healing. Profound rest and revelation await those who explore the depths of consciousness through Yoga Nidra.
    The result is deep physical and mental relaxation, a clearing of the nerve pathways to the brain, and increased flow of energy through the body allowing you to release stuck subconscious and unconscious material and awaken rejuvenated and rested.


    “Yoga nidra is a means of contacting the source of self- knowledge and inspiration lying within each person. It is a technique of ‘self-induced dreaming’ in which the treasure house of our own consciousness can be systematically illum­ined, explored and then utilized to enrich our daily life.“


    - Swami Satyananda Saraswati


    A daily yoga nidra practice can completely change your outlook on life, prevent and cure stress-related illnesses and diseases (ie. most of them), and can even change your personality - it is that powerful! It is typically easier to relax into than traditional meditation practices, as you don't need to focus as much which can be hard for beginners - you just flow with the sound of the instructor.


    Yoga Nidra is the best modality I have found yet to improve sleep - often with immediate results.


    It provides the deepest level of rest for the body and mind, and is a vital practice if you are looking for deep healing.

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    I am currently offering this practice via online private individual, group session and corporate sessions.


    Each session includes a pre-discussion, some gentle movement and breathwork, followed by a 45-min yoga nidra practice.


    Private sessions include the audio recording, which you can continue to practice daily for the rest of your life! Or until you are ready to go a bit deeper, and we meet again.


    Grab a stressed out friend or family member and give them the gift of peace. Or schedule a session for yourself and take a huge step in taking care of your mental and physical health.


    Gift Certificates are available!

  • Testimonials

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    "Lara introduced me to both meditation and yoga nidra. I have been practicing mediation for two years now and yoga nidra for four months. Yoga nidra has quickly become my go-to practice, replacing most of my meditation sessions. Easier than meditation, yoga nidra provides an internal respite for me. A place that I know I can always find through this practice. Even on days when it is more difficult to get there, I still manage to do so and come out of the practice grateful for having taken the time out of my day to show up and practice. Lara is a great instructor. Her voice facilitates this mental shift into a state of awareness between sleeping and awake in a way that is unique. Her energy transfers to her students, whether in person or virtually. Her experience over years as a corporate lawyer also makes her a unique yoga nidra guide. She is aware of her students’ challenges in a way that only one who has experienced some of the stressors herself can be, and this enables her to guide even the most agitated student to their inner stillness. I cannot recommend this practice and Lara specifically enough. Thank you, Lara, for this great tool. I know it will forever serve me.


    - Alina Iordache