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    Listen to some enlightening conversations I've had with inspiring people about

    mindfulness, cannabis ceremonies and all things relaxing.

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    Guided Spirit Conversations

    with Marla Goldberrg:

    Relax into Healing

    with Lara Wharton

    Many people feel burnout and anxiety. They are always in a rush. This week's guest has turned over to a new page and left the anxious and stressed-out corporate lawyer life.


    Lara Wharton, with Listen Lightly, helps people learn how to relax their nervous system, get more in touch with their bodies, and take care and love themselves through simple practices that anyone can do, anytime, anywhere.


    Join me and Lara this week to learn about all things relaxing. Lara will talk about a few of her relaxing techniques: cannabis-assisted meditation journeys, yoga nidra, and meditation.

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    Queen's Power Podcast:

    Meditation and Mindfulness

    with Lara Wharton

    Queen's Health and Nutrition Society presents Queen's Power Podcast, which focuses on wellness, nutrition, and fitness and is targeted towards university students.

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    Amanda Lang, Exponential:

    Lara Wharton

    This week on the Exponential podcast, Amanda asks Liane Davy, author of "The Good Fight" about the notion of "good conflict" and tips on how we can learn to ignore our adversarial instincts during conflict.


    She also talks with Lara Wharton, Meditation Instructor/Founder of Listen Lightly about her own story and where to begin when considering meditation.

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    Closing Foldings Interview: Former Corporate Attorney Teaches Meditation For Lawyers

    Lara Wharton left law to share her passion for meditation with other lawyers and people in high-stress jobs. Read her inspirational story here:

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    Muve Forward Interview: Calming Anxiety Through Meditation

    with Lara Wharton

    Lara Wharton was working as a corporate lawyer in Toronto and used mindfulness meditation to manage her stress and anxiety to perform better at work. The more she practiced the more she realized that having a regular meditation practice gave her a huge advantage in dealing with every aspect of life. She is now fully committed to teaching mindfulness and to educating people on how meditation can make your life easier.