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    Your Next Steps

    1:1 Healing Sessions


    The Next Steps is a supportive, personalized program that will launch your journey into healing from your past, feeling less stressed and improving self-esteem and sleep patterns.


    In my private sessions, I guide a broad range of techniques depending on the interests of my client, including mindfulness, meditation, visualization practices, chakra energy work, yoga nidra ("yogic sleep") and breath-work.


    I work with each client until they find a practice (or a few) that fits their lifestyle and personality, I know that you're only going to practice a technique regularly if you enjoy it and it works for you! And the benefits of these practices only keep improving once you start feeling better within yourself.


    I provide all the guidance and make it really easy. You will be supported as you learn how to process your emotions quickly and thoroughly; how to be more present in your day-to-day life for more joy and peace; and how to focus on and prioritize what makes you the happiest.


    All while practicing meditation or yoga nidra daily to calm the nervous system and improve the health of every layer of your being.


    Conducted completely via video chat and email, be coached from wherever you are in the world while always feeling fully supported and knowing you're doing the best you can do for your mental health.


    Each private session costs $125+HST and includes the recording of a personalized 40-min guided meditation, visualization or yoga nidra session.


    Package of 4 sessions: $400+HST

  • What to Expect

    How It Works




    Set up a (free) initial phone consultation with Lara to discuss what you're looking to get out of the program and to make sure we vibe.


    Easy first step! Just contact me via email at lara@listenlightly.com or through this website's contact page.


    Coaching Sessions

    In each video call, Lara will guide you through practices you can do regularly depending on what suits you, while keeping you accountable and focused on your goals. Have all your questions answered, be listened to, and get help as you navigate this period of growth and healing. Each session concludes with a 30-min yoga nidra or guided meditation leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.


    Keep the Recording

    You will receive recordings of the personalized guided meditation sessions to practice with indefinitely. This is all you need to improve your sleep and self-awareness in between sessions and for months, or even years, afterwards.

  • Mindfulness and Yoga Nidra can help you with:

    • Reducing anxiety
    • Sleeping better
    • Building confidence and self-love
    • Feeling overwhelmed or lost
    • Managing physical pain
    • Releasing traumas from the body

    • Improving focus
    • Reducing stress
    • Committing to healthier habits
    • Being more present for life
    • Maintaining unwavering inner peace
    • Pretty much anything you need help with 😉

  • Testimonials

    What People Are Saying

    "Lara’s guidance through the Next Steps program has been critical in helping me to establish a consistent meditation practice. Before I started the program, I struggled to find the motivation to meditate and I found it very difficult to sit for 10 minutes in meditation. I now look forward to my daily meditation and have experienced the multitude of benefits that meditation brings.


    Over the course of the month, thanks to Lara’s guidance, I gained the tools to incorporate meditation into my daily routine. Lara helped me troubleshoot and overcome barriers to establishing a consistent practice. Perhaps most importantly, I learned to enjoy and even crave time spent meditating.


    I have found the weekly themes in this program to be hugely helpful in accessing the benefits of meditation. Lara provided a variety of resources which got me thinking about meditation beyond the time I spent actually meditating. Her ability to identity ways in which her clients could benefit from meditation, and then provide tools to draw on the power of meditation, is invaluable.


    I can’t recommend this program enough!"


    - Kristen Balcom, Lawyer at EMSP LLP, Vancouver