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  • Cannabis-Assisted Meditation Journeys


    Cannabis sativa is a safe and sacred medicinal tool and meditation aide which can help you to turn your awareness inward, to resolve tensions stored deep within your body and to provide deep relaxation. When combined with meditation, breath-work, visualization, intention and the help a professionally trained guide, this psychedelic medicine deepens the natural healing processes in the body and mind.


    Guided Cannabis Meditations are currently being hosted online, on retreat, or in Sayulita, Mexico.


    Online ceremonies have proven to be equally as effective as in-person ceremonies, as participants tend to feel more comfortable in the familiarity and privacy of their own home (yet supervised by the guide at all times).


    Retreats, the most impactful setting for working with and integrating sacred plant medicines, are announced occasionally - Please sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of this page for announcements.

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    Guided Cannabis Meditations can help you:


    • Release anxiety and stress

    • Deepen your meditation practice

    • Heal your body

    • Process and release stuck emotional patterns

    • Access your creativity

    • Gain insight into a project or decision

    • Relax your nervous system

    • Increase your sensitivity to the life-force energy within you

    • Explore different realms of consciousness

  • What a Ceremony Involves: 


    The sessions involve guided relaxation, intention setting, evocative music, visualization practices and breath-work. Participants maintain full agency over their body and actions throughout the entire process. Safety and comfort are the primary pillars of this experience.


    Prior to a ceremony, we have a preparatory discussion a day or two before to ensure you know what to expect and to complete a health questionnaire to ensure this medicine is suitable for you. You will receive instructions on how to set up your space, what to bring and how to prepare mentally. A day or two after the session, we have an integration call to help you process what you've experienced and to answer any questions you have. As your guide, I am here for you throughout the entire process, before and after.


    Psychedelics are becoming more and more understood as healing tools as we deepen our knowledge of their medicinal potential to change our brains and open our minds. Cannabis is an entry-level psychedelic for people who are curious about psychedelics and want to try one that is legal in Canada, very safe, has a short-term effect, and is easily accessible. As we learn more about the healing benefits of psychedelic medicines, Cannabis sativa has the potential to change your life for the better.


    Clients Frequently Report:

    • Significantly increased body awareness

    • DEEP relaxation

    • Active imaginations and a deep connection with their intuition

    • Psychedelic visuals and sensations

    • Holotropic experiences - perceptions of coming into "oneness" with the universe, feelings on oneness within

    • Movements of energy within the body, which can manifest as shaking, temperature changes, crying, laughing, yawning, or other physical reactions

    • Enhanced creativity

    • Sudden insights

    • Remaining in control and lucid the whole time

    • Profound new levels of nervous system regulation

    • Developing a sense of agency in their lives, feeling more in control of life situations and having more choice

    • Feeling a deeper connection with their sense of purpose



    Cannabis ceremonies help us become more self-aware, more in touch with the energy moving within our bodies, and often provide insights into the nature of our reality; all with the compassionate and caring presence of cannabis, the "mother spirit" of psychedelic medicines.

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