• Yoga Nidra - A Deep Healing Relaxation Practice

    Enter the realm of Yoga Nidra a.k.a. Yogic Sleep, where deep relaxation meets profound transformation. As Swami Satyananda Saraswati proclaimed, "A single hour of Yoga Nidra is as restful as four hours of conventional sleep."


    In this practice, you lie down in comfort and stillness, guided by the instructor's voice into a state of conscious dreaming. Here, the subconscious awakens, releasing tensions and paving the way for inner healing. Profound rest and rejuvenation await those who explore the depths of consciousness through Yoga Nidra.

  • Meet Lara

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    As an anxious, stressed-out, always-in-a-rush lawyer, learning how to meditate and regularly relax my nervous system changed my life.


    It brought me a sense of unwavering inner peace, much more patience, the ability to recover quicker from "set-backs" (or rather to not even believe in set-backs but only in opportunities), and sound sleep every night. Watching these changes take place within me, I decided I had to share this incredibly powerful practice with others.


    My teachings are based on the latest science on how to relax the nervous system to release tension and emotional blockages in the body, allowing our physical health to improve while releasing the past and what is holding us back from living our dream lives.


    In my private sessions, I guide a broad range of techniques, including mindfulness, meditation, visualization practices, yoga nidra ("yogic sleep"), chakra energy work, yoga, reiki, ayuverdic medicine practices, breath-work and cannabis-assisted meditation journeys. I work with each client until they find a practice (or a few) that fits their lifestyle and personality. I completely understand that you're only going to practice a technique regularly if you enjoy it and it works for you! Once we work together once, I'm by your side the entire way, always available to help from then on. And the benefits of these practices continue to improve exponentially once you start feeling better within yourself.


    I have completed thousands of hours of training and practice in mindfulness meditation, yoga, yoga nidra, reiki, psychedelic sitter training/harm reduction and integration, Buddhism, neuroscience, psychotherapy, and other healing traditions. As a lifelong student and nerd relating to consciousness exploration and well-being, I continue to study and, most importantly, to practice daily so I can strengthen my level of inner peace and self-compassion, and help my students strengthen theirs.


    The journey into deeper self-awareness is simple, yet not easy. If you can develop a regular practice that keeps you centred throughout this crazy life, the benefits are endless.


    Let me help you with this.


    - Lara



  • Here is How Mindfulness Training Has Helped Some of My Clients

    "Lara is such an amazing partner in wellness and inclusivity. Her incorporation of how the mind and body work and the many benefits of a mindful practice were interesting and motivating to keep going past the classroom."


    - Christyl Abraham,

    Manager at Holt Renfrew

    “Thanks for introducing us to so many easy and mindful ways to meditate. Your classes have really helped me incorporate meditation into my day-to-day activities more easily. I think the biggest misperception about meditation is that you need to make time for it and find a quiet room to do it in, etc. Lara’s sessions are really very eye-opening in helping clear those misperceptions. For me personally, it has made all the difference.”


    - Akshata Kalyanpur,

    Senior Manager at Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

    "Very much enjoy these sessions. There was one occasion when I felt overwhelmed by a swirling cloud of competing priorities and urgent to-do items. I took 15 minutes to attend a meditation and returned to my desk with a settled mind, able to calmly and dispassionately look at everything on my list and prioritize sensibly. It made a huge difference in my ability to do my job that day.”


    - Anonymous Corporate Attendee

    “As a former practicing lawyer, Lara understands the demands of legal practice and brings her personal experience and unique perspective to the table. She tailors her programming to the particular audience, explains the process and benefits of meditation and frames her content in scientific research findings. Lara has a gentle and patient manner, and her soothing voice has a calming effect that is sure to relax anyone who participates in one of her guided meditations. After Lara’s introductory sessions with our staff and lawyers, the feedback was so positive that we asked Lara to return on a weekly basis.”


    - Lisa Cunningham,

    Lawyer and Director of Professional Development at Wildeboer Dellelce LLP

    I recently completed an online meditation and mindfulness series with Lara of 'Listen Lightly'. I couldn't be more pleased with the knowledge, warmth and professionalism of Lara's clear inspirational teaching! Learning how to benefit from the various meditation methods Lara taught has provided a great shift in my life helping me to deal with daily challenges in a much more positive and calming way. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is looking for an introduction to meditation or to deepen an existing practice. Forever Grateful."


    - Debra Kennedy-Johnson,

    Real Life Changes Course participant

    "Lara's Real Life Changes series was amazing. I've been struggling to make meditation a part of my daily life and this course helped me realize that there are different ways to practice, even when you are busy. I looked forward to Lara's support and guided meditations each week!"


    - Donna Miyasaki,

    Corporate attendee and Real Life Changes Course participant

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