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  • By following this very simple daily practice, you will begin to feel happier, healthier, and reduce your stress. Give it a try, no risk involved.

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    Download the guided meditations onto your phone so you have access to them for life and can listen anytime and anywhere.

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    79% of participants surveyed after completing the program report feeling less stressed and/or anxious, and 64% more patient - after just one month.

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    64% of participants report having successfully committed to a daily meditation practice after completing the program.

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    By the end of the month, you will be familiar with a variety of meditation and breathing techniques and will have gained confidence, focus and the ability to relax yourself on demand.

  • What People Are Saying

    "Give this a go you’ve got nothing to loose and everything to gain!"


    - Anonymous August 2020

    "This has really brought me out of feeling insecure during the COVID-19 crisis - more accepting of what I can't change and open to being kind and taking my time so that I could get back to a more normal (and better!) work life balance. Lara has an open heart that allows me to be kind to myself and others. It is OK to have thoughts and worries, we just don't have to let them take over our lives. She has made a real difference in my outlook. Merci!"


    - Anonymous May 2020

    "I loved the 30 day meditation challenge. It was great to learn about and try different meditation techniques so I could narrow down what works for me. Lara’s voice is so calming. Thanks Lara!"


    - Anonymous November 2019

    "Lara's 30 meditation challenge was excellent! it has provided me the foundations to continue my own regular mindful meditation. Thank you Lara!"


    - Anonymous April 2019

    "Starting the challenge at just 1 minute a day along with the guidance from Lara and learning various techniques really worked for me. I started noticing changes in my stress levels, lessened tension in my shoulders and neck where I carry all my stress and starting each morning with the challenge also meant leaving the house with a smile on my face. I feel armed with more tools to continue this journey on my own; I would recommend this to anyone wanting to incorporate meditation into their lives but don't know where to start."


    - Lily Ho, Living Fully with Lily

    "I LOVED Listen Lightly's 30-Day Meditation Challenge! There was so much variety between meditations which gave me the opportunity to see which ones work best for me. I have tried different meditation apps and YouTube videos but have never committed to 30 days straight like this! I'm feeling more productive, happy and clear and couldn't be more grateful. Thank you, Lara!"

    -Lauren Hong, Manual to Better Living

    "I wanted to mention that because of your 30-day challenge, I started meditating daily - the goal I couldn't achieve for many years. Hope it'll turn into a long lasting habit. Thanks a lot again!"


    - Marina Preman, Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

    "A most enjoyable experience to take time out for one self."


    - Gert Wharton (Lara's grandmother :))

    "Enjoyed 30 days meditation challenge a lot. It’s a great way to slowly introduce meditation practice into daily routine, something many of us want to do, but having trouble achieving. Lara’s program is very easy to follow - short daily meditations that start from couple of minutes slowly increasing time to 10 minutes, good instructions, Lara’s soothing voice - everything makes the program an enjoyable experience."


    - Anonymous

    "Over the past 30 days, I began my day with the 30 day meditation challenge. I've never meditated before and I really appreciated how relaxed and calm I felt during and after. I experienced increased patience and compassion with co-workers which increased work enjoyment. I'm happier today than I was before the 30-Day Meditation Challenge. Thank you Lara for providing this gift!"


    - Michael Lambe

    "Inspiring. Transformative. Relaxing. Lara is a truly gifted teacher and coach. She has a deep understanding of mindfulness and the many way to integrate it into life in order to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled. She is so much more than a meditation teacher. Her voice is so calming you'll never want to meditate without her. I highly recommend her online programs for those learning to meditate."


    - Jay Hamilton

    "Lara's 30-Day Meditation Challenge has changed my life! I was a little hesitant to give it a try as I didn't know much about meditating, but once I got started I realized how easy it was and how beneficial it is for my overall well being, I was hooked! Meditating has taught me how to be 'present,' how to relax and to focus on all the positives in my life. Lara is a great instructor and has one of the most soothing voices I have ever heard!"


    - Tommy Gough

    "I never thought I would get into meditation. Whoa, boy was I wrong. Lara's 30 day meditation program changed the way I thought about meditation and helped me learn the tools to reduce stress in my life. I always look forward to Listen Lightly emails in my inbox and look to treating my mind and body to a few blissful minutes. So grateful to have found this place."


    - Katrina Hicks