Tuesday evenings at 8-8:45pm EST


    Join for a mini-session on one topic of wellness

    followed by a 20-min guided meditation.

  • Upcoming Topics

    May 5: Satya - Truthfulness

    Review of the framework of Yoga philosphy. Practice a meditation on Satya, or truthfulness: one of yoga's moral teachings.

    May 12: Ayuverda

    Brief introduction to this most ancient medicine system and to how you can maintain balance in your health by understanding the 3 main constitutions.

    May 19: Yoga Nidra

    Sleep yoga. Incredibly deep relaxation. Prepare a place to lie down and get comfy!

    May 26: TBA

  • For each session, please:

    Create a comfortable setting for yourself, on a chair or on a cushion on the floor.

    Lower the lights, light a candle or incense if that's available.

    Have a pen and notebook.

    Dress comfortably.


    Treat this as your special time to take care of yourself.

  • What is this series?

    This series arose as so many graduates of the Practice to Presence Series (now called "Real Life Changes" Series) asked for sessions to continue to maintain the momentum that they had started with their meditation practice.


    These sessions are to be used as weekly check-ups: an opportunity to check in with yourself, create a space to sit comfortably in community, get quiet and turn your attention to your own self-care. And a weekly reminder to maintain your meditation practice!


    These sessions will be free for the time-being as I experiment with this format and the content :)


    If you have any particular topics you would like me to share or questions related to the wellness, please let me know and I will explore that in a session! I am trained in ayuverda, the chakras, yoga (philosophy, asanas, ethics), mindfulness, related neuroscience, breathing techniques, Buddhism, and many types of meditation.